Teeter Hang Ups Reviews and Price Comparison


If you have back pain, a Teeter Hang Up might be just right for you. The Teeter Hang Ups Inversion table allows you to decompress your spine to provide relief from compressed disks. Teeter Hang Ups reviews indicate that this is the best inversion table on the market. Design and comfort are some of the best reasons for these opinions.

Teeter Hangups allows you to lock your ankles in place and tilt the table backward until your head is lower than your feet. As gravity pulls down on your body, pressure on the spine and other joints releases, providing relief for compression type joint pain. Teeter Hangup features a comfortable bed with EZ stretch traction handles that allow you to control the speed of the incline. Customers who have written a Teeter Hangup review consider them to have the best ankle comfort, compared to other models. This is important because the weight hangs from the ankles.

You do not just have to hang on an inversion table. Teeter inversion table reviews tell stories about how inversion therapy allows many people the ability to exercise that they thought they would never do again. By taking pressure off the spine, the inversion table allows you to perform stretching exercises and even strength exercises while inverted. This Teeter Hangup review thinks that this is the best reason to purchase an inversion table.


Teeter Hang Up EP-560

The ComfortTrak bed is standard on all models, including the Teeter Hang Ups EP 560. This bed does something that other inversion tables do not. They offer nodes and lumbar bridge accessories to allow you to gently massage acupressure points on the back. The Teeter Hang Up EP 560 has comfort inversion grips to help you enhance your ability to stretch on the table. The Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 can hold up to 300 pounds and can take users up to 6’6”. This is the more basic model, but if you are on a budget, this model offers you the best Teeter hangups price, while still bringing you a quality machine.

Teeter Hang Up EP-950th-ep-950

The Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 is similar to the Teeter hang ups EP-560, only it offers the user a few more amenities to make it even more comfortable and easy to use. This model features an EZ-Reach ankle system. This is in the form of an extended handle that makes it easier to reach the ankle locking system. The ankles are locked in by a triple lock security system to keep you triple safe while you are inverted. This model has a pre-set rotation control that allows you to easily find your favorite angle at 20, 40, or 60 degrees. Stretch Max handles on this model allow you to get more stretch from your table at a strength that you prefer. The EZ-Stretch Traction Handles allow you to do oscillation exercises to free joints and gain added strength.


Teeter Hang Up EP-960

Teeter also makes another upgraded model for their line of products. The Teeter Hang Ups EP-960. Patented flex technology of this model allows you a greater range of motion. The low friction surface allows you to move freely for the maximum stretch. Like its predecessors, it can hold up to a 300-pound capacity. The Teeter hangups EP-960 inversion table comes with a back pain relief kit with bonus Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge accessories, plus a back pain relief stretch and exercise DVD that will show you extra ways that you can use your table to provide the maximum relief.

Maybe you are wondering how much does a Teeter Hang Ups cost, we looked around on the online stores and found Teeter Hang Ups on Costco, Ebay and Amazon too. The Teeter Hang Ups costs are varying from store to store. When it comes to your back you have to take it seriously so, you shouldn’t worry about the cost of a Teeter Hang Up. We reviewed all the best Teeter Hang Ups inversion tables, and we pointed out the pros and cons about the Teeter back stretchers. From here You are the one who makes the decision!

Regardless of the model that you choose, the Teeter Hang Ups inversion table is an excellent way to relieve back pain, or as addition to your workout routine. You can purchase an additional vibration cushion to allow you to massage your way to even greater comfort. The Teeter Hang Ups price is a good value, compared to living with back pain, or the cost of additional therapy.

This Teeter Hang-Up review considers this table to be the best on the market for many reasons. It is sturdy, stable, and offers features that other models do not. Teeter inversion table reviews agree that when it comes to relieving pain on your joints, this inversion table has the others beat from head to toe. Inversion is relaxing and most people are hooked when they try it for only a few minutes. The relief is immediate, and over time, the pain decreases for most people even when they are upright and this is definitely worth the price.